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During these unprecedented times, we are tuning in to stay up-to-date in

order to provide you with as much information as you need. Stay safe.

-You are not alone-


Stay Connected

Nixel Alerts for Napa County:

other social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) connect you to trusted resources; look for: Napa Valley COAD, CalFire, Napa Community Animal Response Team- Napa CART, Napa County,  and more.

Napa County Fire Department (variety of resources):

Napa County Comprehensive Services for Older Adults (updates frequently):

Network for Aging and Independance:

Collabria Care Services Update

PG&E Address Look up (for PSPS): 


For comprehensive information on the Glass Fire, please visit Napa County's and CalFire's websites: 


Important Phone Numbers

E.O.C (Emergency Operation Services; Napa Co.): 707-299-1892 you may call this number for information relating to evacuations or if you require additional resources.

Public Information Call line from CalFire: 707-967-4208